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Providing regular feedback to your employee/s is vital. Constructive feedback can highlight those areas of performance and/or behaviour that are going well. It also provides an opportunity to encourage good performance and demonstrates to your employee that you care and that you are taking notice of their positive contribution.

Feedback should also pinpoint areas needing attention if necessary. This provides an opportunity to reaffirm your ongoing support as they develop in their role and ensures that your employee is in no doubt that their performance is of interest to you.

In short, feedback should reinforce positive performance and behaviour and assist in changing any unwanted performance or behaviours.

Prior to giving feedback to your employee it will be useful to consider the following points in your preparation:

  • Consider the location for your meeting and try to ensure it is conducive to a positive and constructive meeting

  • Ensure that you are positive, and are courteous and respectful towards the employee

  • Gather tangible information such as Job Descriptions, any agreed KPIs and use those as a basis for meaningful and factual feedback

  • Identify where the employee is doing well. Highlight specific achievements and reinforcing positive performance and/or behaviour

  • Identify where improvement is required ensuring you are specific in what needs to be changed and the improvement required. Remember to be clear and concise but respectful at the same time

  • Agree with the employee any changes required, specific detail to work on and how those specifics will be measured and within what timeframes. This gives you and your employee clarity on the expectations required for monitoring progress.

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