PERSONAL GRIEVANCES – Don’t be bullied into parting with your hard-earned cash……..

Personal Grievances (PG’s) are an employer’s nightmare before, during or after an employee’s termination of employment as some people use this process in an attempt to extort cash out of a vulnerable Employer. Please don’t be offended if you are an employee reading this. I know there are times when employees have genuine reasons for raising a personal grievance, however quite often they don’t, and with help can target an employer who doesn’t have the confidence in their processes to deal with the situation.

My advice to employers is to make 100% sure that you use the right process when dealing with an employee, either during employment or once they have exited. This will allow the employee to get a fair deal while also enabling you to minimise your risk and strengthen your position in the event of a PG. Whether this be through a restructure, a disciplinary process, or a simple dispute, good process will allow you to keep your hard-earned cash in your back pocket.

If you are confident in your processes, don’t just give in! Stick to your guns, make sure you are articulate around the facts and present them in such a way that the other party understands you are confident in your process, the facts and your communication.

If seeking advice, get it early! The sooner someone like me is involved, the more chance you have of minimising the risk to your business.

Lastly, if you feel you have done the right thing and done it in the right way, staying strong in these moments will send a message to the rest of your team that you aren’t a push over and that you will fight these grievances, if you know they are unsubstantiated.

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