Idea meritocracy – The path from disagreement to decision making

It’s really important that people can disagree but move on so that the best possible decision making can occur. Encouraging idea meritocracy as opposed to top down autocracy provides an environment where the best idea wins, it doesn’t matter where you are positioned in the business.

Having healthy debate and/or disagreement within this idea meritocracy framework is normal but being able to get to a place you can move from disagreement to decision making is vital.

Ensuring that every individual is really clear on what they are responsible for is important. This includes a solid framework or pathway for making decisions based on an idea meritocracy. Everyone must be able to respect the process and ensure that they are aligned once the decision is made…it’s not acceptable to get upset or be obstructive if the decision produced isn’t yours.

If there is an ongoing disagreement as a result of a decision that has been made, it is important for the individuals/s to discuss their concerns and differences early on, if they fester, those differences in opinion can get out of control fairly quickly.

The principle of an idea meritocracy is engaging and from a leadership point of view, being able to listen to your team and take on board what they are saying is powerful. All of those people involved in making a certain decision must be open minded and assertive which allows each individual to understand the other view/s but also to successfully articulate their thinking as well. It’s obviously easier to convey your own thinking but understanding and interpreting the other view is important to get from disagreement to a good decision.

Giving your point of view and then listening to the other point of view is the only way to get in sync or gain alignment. Don’t simply get annoyed with others who share a different opinion…listen to those other views…they may actually have some great ideas or a valid point.

Sometimes these disagreements can become heated in the business setting and if this is the case having a break or adjourning is a good idea, particularly if emotion is getting in the way of logic. It’s important to note that suggestions and questions are not the same thing as criticism so listen and be open to other ideas – these other ideas may be best for the business and the process ensures the concept of an idea meritocracy is successful. Ultimately, get on board once the right decision is made and don’t undermine those other people party to the decision making!!

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