How do you INDUCT a new employee?

Organisations use a raft of terms these days such as “onboarding” and “orientation”. These terms essentially reflect what used to be known as the good old fashioned………… induction.

How do you introduce new people into your business? It’s such a vital time for a new employee, they are often anxious about their first day/s with a new employer and it can take weeks or months for that employee to get up to speed, understand the business they have joined and perform at a successful level.

Inductions take time and this is why some choose to go about this process in a very adhoc way. From my experience having a strong induction process, including providing time to those responsible for the inducting and training, will provide the best opportunity for your new employee to get up to speed quickly in their role, to feel part of the team and to enjoy working for you from day one.

A good induction will assist the new employee in understanding:

  • The structure of your organisation, business activities, products and services

  • Any policies, procedures and business rules that they may have to comply with as an employee of your business

  • Key health and safety related information including emergency evacuation procedures

  • The work place, office or site layout in respect to highlighting emergency exits, fire extinguishers, hazards, toilets, lockers etc

  • Operation and set up of equipment such as printers and computers

  • Operational procedures or processes that form part of their job

  • Performance and development objectives specific to their employment

  • How to report problems, hazards or concerns, and to whom

  • General information such as your businesses values, culture, strategic and/or operational plans, social club information, social events etc

  • Any immediate training needs

While inductions can be carried out without much structure, from my experience those inductions that are well planned, have a process that is followed by both you and your new employee, is informative, has tangible outcomes and is documented and agreed to lays the best possible foundation for an employee to fit in, get started effectively and add value to your business sooner rather than later.

If you require any support in getting your inductions off the ground or up to speed, contact:

The HR Guy


M: 021 543 510

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