HOLIDAYS ACT TRAINING - great value for your PAYROLL employees!!

Managing payroll and ensuring your business is meeting its obligations under the Holidays Act 2003 is vital. This will allow your business to:

1. Ensure your employee/s are provided with accurate pay and leave entitlement while meeting your obligations as their employer

2. Mitigate your risk……holidays and payroll, if managed incorrectly can become a significant issue, particularly if mismanaged over several years

Efficient, accurate and knowledgeable payroll administrators are so valuable and are often a fantastic source of information and expertise. However, the Holidays Act is a complex beast, and we encourage all employers to invest in developing their payroll staff through adequate training and staying abreast of legislation and other payroll changes that impact on processing each payroll.

There are some good training options and for a small investment, your business will have an employee or employees who are more effective, accurate and confident in their jobs. Often interpretation of law can be just that – interpretation, so being able to discuss scenario’s, gain knowledge and share stories is a great way to up-skill and be clearer on getting payroll right.

A good source of information is the Employment New Zealand website ( which has a useful practical guide on Leave and Holidays….Otherwise, please get in touch if you would like more info on Holidays Act training and training providers.

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