Do you demonstrate CONSISTENCY in your leadership?

I have worked with a number of people who are leaders across a wide range of business sectors and those that are the most successful are the ones who demonstrate consistency in their leadership and management, every day and in every circumstance.

Your team needs consistency from you, in the decisions you make, the way you go about your work, the way you treat your teams and individuals, the mood you bring to work every day….

It goes without saying that your people will be looking to you for their lead, their example in how to work and what tasks to perform. This includes staying safe and what steps are required to achieve this, equipment to use safely and efficiently for certain jobs, protective equipment to wear for certain jobs, feedback you give them and so on.

If you are inconsistent in the application of your job’s leadership responsibilities, this will influence your team and/or individuals within your team negatively. If you wear PPE when you feel like it rather than all times it is required, of course your team will do the same. If you behave in a way that is not aligned to your business’s values and principles, then the likelihood is that your employees will start exhibiting the same unwanted behaviour.

In my view, demonstrating to your team that you are consistent in the direction you give is a fundamental part of leadership. If you have certain standards, want your team to comply with an instruction or exhibit a certain behaviour and you cannot meet those standards yourself on a consistent basis, then you will not succeed as a leader of people. You set the standard for your people and by doing this in a consistent manner, without exception, you will stand a better chance of gaining the respect and engagement required from your team to perform effectively and achieve the right results.

It’s fairly simple, always consider your actions and ensure they send a consistent message to your team. There is no doubt that those people who lead their teams with consistency have a far greater chance of success in the business world.

If you want to have a chat about consistency of leadership and some examples that I have come across (both positive and negative), please get in touch:

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